Jakarta E-Commerce Night Marketing Trends 2018: “The Arts of Marketing Innovation”

As we entering 2018 with the E-Commerce industry bigger than ever before, and more consumers turn to online shopping, E-Commerce practitioners are hungry enough to find out top trends in the industry. With record numbers of shoppers now preferring to buy online, it is creating challenges and opportunities for the marketers to engage and delight the customers and how to differentiate and find their own brand uniqueness. The company must seize the opportunities of new technology, mobile & digital transformation and increased customer expectation to increase customer acquisition or maintain their retention.

In Jakarta E-Commerce Night that held on the last 25th January 2018, Tika Sylvia Utami, Head of Marketing Foodgasm, on behalf of The Committee of Jakarta E-Commerce Night said, “If we look at previous years, none of the top-level marketing innovation are especially new, a bit difficult to describe them as the new trends or innovations” said She added, “However, the innovation like content marketing, or affiliation have continued to grow in importance and will be used by many businesses.”

The popularity of Native Ads disclosed by GetCRAFT on their white paper released last quarter with its tittle ‘Indonesia Native Advertising and Influencer Marketing Report 2018’, with insightful findings that native ads are effective means by which brand can reach out to an audience that is both weary and wary of online ads. Anthony Reza, Co-Founder & CEO GetCRAFT Indonesia explained that native ads, especially sponsored content work well for both branding and conversion, allowing brands to develop their credibility among potential buyers and also ride on the credibility of sources trusted by consumers. Details material release from GetCRAFT, available on this link.

E-Commerce Landscape is shifting dramatically. The arts of marketing innovation are always growing and need to be improved, to facing consumer’s dynamic behavior. Shopback have applied learnings from other successful cashback models and succeed to taken that model and localized for the South East Asian Market include Indonesia and became the leading of cashback sites and marketplace for E-Commerce. Indra Yonathan, Co-Founder & Country Head of Shopback Indonesia is one of the speakers who share his thought about the trends.

Consumers who try new platform, tend to seek out platforms that they can trust for ‘product recommendations’ and deals’. With comparison feature, Priceza Indonesia became a provider of shopping search engine and price comparison site that help consumers in the process of making smart shopping decisions. Bayu Irawan, Country Manager Priceza Indonesia shared his insight about E-Commerce growth and digital trends innovations across marketing channels that should be adopted in the E-Commerce sector.

Well, unknown marketing surprises await in 2018, and some of these trends will probably works or even fail to come to fruition as technology and the expectations of consumer change. Nevertheless, many of the trends outlined here are likely to come to pass.

Jakarta E-Commerce Night successfully held on last 25th January 2018, and was attended by over 100 participants. Dian Dwiwindarti, Business Development Manager of Accestrade Indonesia hope this event can support and give positive ambiance for E-Commerce industry. She said, “With some E-Commerce enthusiasts, we held the event. An evening conversation and mingle time with professionals from E-Commerce and other industry.” Hosted by E-Commerce Enthusiast from Accestrade, Foodgasm, H-Cube Coworking Space, Travellers.ID, dan RedDoorz.

About Jakarta E-Commerce Night
Jakarta E-Commerce Night, is bimonthly Networking event to support positive ambiance in the dynamic of E-Commerce industry. An evening of conversation and mingle time with professionals from E-Commerce and other industry. The must-attend professional networking for everyone who wanna get insights about E-Commerce technology, ideas, strategy and inspirations.