Art From Jakarta’s Tragedy

Nightmare, a Sparkling Art From the Dark of Jakarta’s Tragedy 

Art Exhibition ‘Personality and Community” in Bentara Budaya Bali presents the finest international art from modern artist in Tabanan. The pursue of art identity become an existence that looked in every sculpture shape from the artist. The enormous concept of this exhibition shown with reflection from communal personality in this two-three dimensional fine arts.

One of the fine arts that grab hold of my attention is a sculpture from Nyoman Nuarta with the title ‘Nightmare.’ According to this artistic sparkling arts, seen that behind the graceful of woman, there are the most incredible power and also source of disaster. Inspired from Jakarta Tragedy in 1998, Nyoman Nuarta craft his statue  with his signature, that is an obvious sense looked from cross clear contour towards the back of his art.

Gradation of this clear contour from Nyoman bring a new nuance in the Indonesia art world. From Nightmare sculpture, seen a woman in a rest while lie back with a kind of blanket. But, good colour tone of the copper as a material is obsecure the boundary between woman body with something that cover up that. There are a kind of another idea, such as ambiguity between sensuality and the mystery of dream.

’98 Jakarta Tragedy as an inspiration for Nyoman, remind us about the past, when the collapse of government system called ‘Orde Baru’, where women abused were happened. This culpture presented with sad story about a Chinese woman who become one of the rape victim. At that time, this dark incident turn out bad trauma for the victims, so many of them hope to getting die than serve out the abusive tragedy.

Detail of the fine art
Tittle: Nightmare
Artist: Nyoman Nuarta
Size: 445 x 255 x 175 cm
Material: Baja
Year: 1999